About Us

WHWendy Hart is a highly experienced lawyer. Her legal career spans three decades.  She was a founding partner of the legal firm Hemming + Hart.  Wendy is well known as a thorough lawyer who places loyalty to her clients above all else.  She likes to establish a good working relationship with her clients and to follow all aspects of their business.  Over the years, Wendy has practised in most areas of law.  However, her strong focus on client service means she has always been keen to sharpen her skills in areas where her clients need assistance.  Increasingly over the last 20 years, the needs of her clients have led her to property development and planning and environment work.  Wendy has been involved in some major property developments and the resolution of many property, planning and environment disputes including appeals to the Planning and Environment Court and the Land Court.  The depth of her experience enables Wendy to take a “holistic” approach to the legal affairs of her clients.  While offering specialist advice and services in her areas
of practice, she still retains sufficient knowledge of the principles of other areas of the law to be able
to identify a potential problem.


Sonia WhitehouseSonia Whitehouse commenced her legal career at Hemming + Hart as a commercial litigator, taking on a broad range of commercial disputes, property disputes, defamation litigation and employment disputes.Sonia then worked in the commercial property team at Barry & Nilsson as a senior associate, when the litigation mix expanded to include valuation disputes, resumption compensation claims, Retail Shop Leases Tribunal disputes and planning and environment litigation.Sonia joined forces with Wendy in 2010 and since then, the planning and environment litigation has taken a lead role.  Sonia continues to conduct property litigation, commercial disputes, resumption compensation claims and Retail Shop Lease related matters.  Relationships with clients are important to Sonia and those relationships are nurtured by open and honest communications.  Sonia tackles all matters thoroughly and enthusiastically so that no matter how difficult the dispute, all difficulties are identified and appropriate strategies formulated to provide the best outcome in the circumstances.